Video-on-Demand Set to get a Boom Across Africa in 2020

By Samuel Sam , published on 22 Jan 2020

According to the prospects, South Africa will be leading the African VOD market followed by Nigeria with numbers projected at 3.24 million and 2.14 million respectively. What is even interesting is that subscription video-on-demand is gaining more popularity in the continent. View All


By Yusta Seghete, published on 22 Jan 2020

From the history of evolution of man, to the discoveries of ancient structures to food, music, myths and misconceptions that have always told the story of Africa better. Here, we would also want you to see and hear some of the great stories we have done about Afrika. View All


By Brigit OKeyo , published on 12 Nov 2019

Yebo, and many other platforms have been of great help in promoting African music acts and the content as a whole making a great impact on the world in terms of how they now see our beautiful continent. View All


By Yebo, published on 01 Nov 2019

The country which has an estimated army personnel of 400,000 soldiers is the most militarised nation in the world. The main roles of the army in Eritrea is defence from external aggressors, border security, and developing national cohesion View All

Women in Tech

By Yebo, published on 02 Oct 2019

The women in the sphere agree that the societies have put women in a special way that they can’t or they are incapable of any engagements that are technology based. View All
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