By Yusta Seghete, published on 22 Jan 2020


Much has been said about Africa, yet there is still so much to learn about it. For years, we have been on a touring spree across the continent and we must admit that at times, we are dumb founded about what the continent offers.  From the history of evolution of man, to the discoveries of ancient structures to food, music, myths and misconceptions that have always told the story of Africa better. Here, we would also want you to see and hear some of the great stories we have done about Afrika. Yebo, Know Africa, Be Africa!  



  1. Go for safaris- Yebooo! Fittingly, going on a wildlife safari is one of the main reasons people travel to Africa and I couldn’t agree more!
  2. Attend a festival- You’d probably be overwhelmed by this because there is always a festival in Africa. You will absolutely not have a shortage of picking two, three or more festivals to attend. You’re welcome.
  3. Take a culinary tour- Africa is a land of varieties. So when it comes to food, only you will be spoilt for choice. Regardless, make sure you try the local delicacies. You’ll be amazed at the tasty combination of culture and history every meal has.
  4. Shop in local markets and bazaars- First off, practice your bargaining skills and discover the fun side of gathering souvenirs. Visiting markets and bazaars is not only a wonderful way to see local artisans at work but also you will get an authentic insight of what the country has to offer.
  5. Be wildly adventurous- Adventure exists around every corner in Africa. Be sure to enjoy every bit of this. Oh, while at it don’t forget to take pictures too!
  6. Discover the continents history- History has it that the evolution of man started in Africa. With this, there is definitely a lot to learn, relearn and unlearn about Africa.
  7. Make a difference by volunteering- Africa is an amazing volunteering destination and offers countless opportunities - from wildlife preservation, environment conservation, to volunteering to communities among others.
  8. Hike a mountain- If you're looking to soak up the continent's breathtaking scenery, then there's only one place to be: at the top.
  9. Relax on a beach- While on it, try out deep diving with the sharks, snorkeling, surfing, beach games, name it. With this, You’ll wish you had more days to spare for the beach.
  10. Explore on two wheels- not a biggie, but we hope; you know how to cycle because cycling should be one of your considerations while exploring Afrika!


Did you know that Marrakech city in Morocco is also called the Red City?



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