By George Mutero, published on 09 Jun 2020

Our world is built on stories. There has been a running joke online that no one got it right 5 years ago, when asked where do you see yourself in 5 years? 2020 has done all of us dirty, cancelled travel plans, increased health consciousness and affected economies.

The abnormality of current life has a ripple effect on how we operate post-covid. As we all slowly adjust into this new normal the loneliness of social distancing is a reality we struggle to adapt to. We thrive living in communities, fitting in and identifying with certain ideologies. While this might not change instantly, the social distancing and working from home, brings to question beliefs we have strongly held for decades. It is not just unprecedented set of events publicly but also individually, many of us are longing for connection that brings relief.

During these times there can be few more important tasks than ensuring positive and cohesive societal response… and story-telling is key. Strong societies find solidarity and solace in their heroes.
At Yebo ,home of Africa’s History, Biography and Discovery, we are committed to playing our part with positive content about Africans. We feel, reliable, accurate and positive content is more important than ever. Especially in a time when a silent revolution is going on.

We have not just put up a whole platform with thousands of hours of factual African content, we have also found a way to virtually discuss our Africaness through our Friday hangouts dubbed #YeboWatchParty.

The virtual parties are a way of engaging in constructive debates on where we stand as a continent on leadership, identity and appreciating our heritage. We bring intellects from different countries on the continent for a 2 hour discussion.

Currently we are running the African identity series, WHERE we are keen to collectively find answers to WHAT DOES IT MEAN BEING AFRICAN.

Check out our site and social media pages for more information. We look forward to seeing you on the watch party this coming Friday.   

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