By Ann Nyambura, published on 24 Nov 2020

Well this is one of the most searched question in relation to the global pandemic. And the fact is, no we don’t have one! at least not yet. But according to World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus there has been progress in the research and development of a vaccine.

  During a press briefing on 23rd November Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said "With the latest positive news from vaccine trials, the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel is growing brighter. There is now real hope that vaccines, in combination with other tried and tested public health measures, will help to end the pandemic," 

Chief scientist of the World Health Organization, Soumya Swaminathan, echoes that there might be more than one vaccine.

"It is possible that we will have a number of different vaccine candidates that can be used in the fight against this disease. Because we would like to provide access to as many efficacious and safe vaccines as possible. So, we can cover the population around the world. Remember, we have to cover a huge number of people -- billions and billions of people, this is unprecedented. And we will need all the manufacturing capacity in the world to be able to do that,"

Unfortunately, WHO statistics indicate that more COVID-19 cases have been reported in the last four weeks than in the first six months of the pandemic. But as the search continues, governments will have the responsibility to educate the people on the safety and side effects of the vaccines to avoid fear and confusion once a vaccine is found.

Although a vaccine might be found, it will take a while before life goes back to normal so, for now wear a mask, sanitize and keep safe.




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