Women in Tech

By Yebo, published on 02 Oct 2019

It is said that the future looks bright for Africa. But even more, for a career-driven woman gambling with passion amid this epoch of women empowerment on the continent. The present and the future clinches on technology, which is the more reason as to why they are taking their chances to make sure they don’t miss out.

Let’s take a look at a few of such women, who are turning Africa around with some of profound tech ventures:

Ruth Kaveke, an ICT brainy had a disconcerting surprise when she joined University to pursue ICT. “I had thought that girls really liked IT, but in my class, girls were very few and boys so many. So I realized this as a challenge. We really need to have more girls in technology.” Says Ruth.

In 2017, the 25 year old established an IT center in the coastal parts of Kenya. Through Pwani TeKnowgalz initiative, her mission has been to encourage as many girls as possible, to be part of the tech lifestyle as well as train marginalized girls the clever tactics to survive in the digital age.

Such girls grow up accomplished and ready to challenge the world maimed by gender and digital discrimination, by conceptualizing projects that help solve today’s problems. An example is Angela Nzioki. The 29 year old believes that Kenya is a country run by free enterprises, a fitting opportunity for two solutions she started to program when she joined Strathmore University.  Today, she is her own boss at Plus People solutions technically focused on helping small and medium enterprises to professionalize their businesses through digital means in order to improve the way they carry out their activities through cloud-based solutions that are also mobile enabled.

So far she has managed to do that through ‘Uhasibu’, an accounting solution that helps in petty cash management, and Payroll which is a full HR management system for small businesses. This aids with running payrolls, sending pay slips to employees, and is also integrated with the local stakeholders like Kenya Revenue Authority for automated itax returns.

But Ruth and Angela are not the only women in the duel. All over the world women are fighting to be at the forefront of digital empowerment. In Rwanda, the likes of Hepta analysts are shaping business decisions with data sciences in hope to become the IT maestros of Africa, to the rest of the world.

Normally we hear stories of other companies coming to Africa, why not from Africa to the rest of the world.” Says Sylvia Makario, a Kenyan data scientists who is a member of Hepta Analytics.

Sylvia and her 3 female colleagues are also out to influence business decisions with some of their data sciences and analytics by transforming raw data into ready information and insights. In return, this empowers businesses to make informed decisions.

From their viewpoint, Hepta is a platform for the HR people to be able to plug in their data, and be able to visualize what is happening within a company at a glance. This enables a business to understand why their employees could be unhappy or what the satisfaction level of their employees are, and if the business is organized in terms of departments, then which department are performing well and why.

Although women seem to be burning the candle at both ends in the field of technology, the challenges on their way are a hindrance to achieving their full potential.

But irrespective of the hardships, this group of African women are pulling their own weight, to better their future in Africa and beyond.

“Since we all have the skills for sustainability, we decided to have website development classes, python, where people who are able to pay, come and learn. When they pay, these girls can come and learn for free. Sometimes, we assist them financially, we give them transport so that they can come, because we believe that the best thing we can give to these girls are these skills, especially technology which is needed by almost everyone.”

Ruth Kaveke

Founder, Pwani Teknowgals


“The future for women in technology is expanding, and it’s upon us, stakeholders, whether its family, friends, anybody that is within the technology ecosystem, to realize that we cannot move forward without women, and encouraging more women to get in these courses is the best way to go because we bring on board equal expertise as men, and more women are getting into this space and I can’t wait to see what we’ll bring to the world.”

Sylvia Makario

Co-Founder, Hepta Analytics


 “Every day you wake up, dress up and show up. You will see something will change”

Angela Nzioki

Co-founder & Country Manager, Plus people


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