The Scoop Season 1

The Scoop Season 1

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The SCOOP is a new African talk show hosted by Salim Amin. The show takes viewers into the lives of the "who's who" of Africa and reveals their secrets, where they come from, and what...   More



Hey There, Welcome to our year long cancer campaign, we are happy you are here. This space is dedicated to videos, audio, photo documentaries and blogs on cancer, are you a cancer support group? Cancer unit at a hospital? NGO working with cancer patients? A survivor or victim running a cancer cause? Share your story with us free of charge. We will share it with the world. Share. Inform. Fight Cancer







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James Mayamba at 2020-06-20

Harry Eleogu at 2019-12-28

Obada Fajo at 2019-12-22

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